COVID - 19

Monday Mar 30th, 2020




To our dear clients, families and friends,


As we are all sharing in the unprecedented event of the current COVID-19 pandemic, our hearts and prayers go out to all the families impacted by this terrible illness which is spreading across the globe. 


Forest Hill Real Estate Vaughan, including every realtor in our office, feels very strongly about keeping our families and community healthy and safe. Taking care of each other takes priority over any other matter right now and our real estate family stands strong with Canada.  


Ongoing briefings by Canada’s Federal & Provincial Government, as well as our Minister of Health, have provided important guidance and calls to action in order to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, directing that people minimize opportunities for transmission of the virus through direct physical interaction.


Conventional open houses and client showings, which involve in-person viewings of properties and direct physical interaction with salespeople and other prospective buyers and sellers, are the types of activity health authorities are directing be ceased. 


We are committed to doing what we can to flatten the curve by using social distancing measures to help slow the spread through our community, our beloved City of Toronto, and Country at large. 


We understand that there are situations where buyers and sellers are in a position where they must continue with their property sale or purchase. Please be rest assured that we are taking proper steps and mindful business practices to address your concerns at this unsettling time. Ask us how we are using technology to continue working while committing to responsible social distancing in order to keep our community safe. 


We feel very confident in the real estate market and look forward to “business as usual”, however, for now, let’s all do our part to protect one another.  


Wishing you and your families well.


Leon Klaiman, Broker










Business in Toronto and across the GTA is not as usual with drastic changes happening over the past few weeks. We are still working with clients, but have implemented some changes to our day to day business, some of which are included below. The industry more virtual than ever before - all of our meetings are online via Zoom & Facetime, and we’ve been paperless since 2015. This is an unprecedented global event, and no one knows how it will all play out. Things are changing by the hour and we're encouranging all our clients to hold off until further notice, but understand the importance of needing to transact immediately if:



  • you have (or are about to have) nowhere to live
  • you bought a new home and still need to sell your old one
  • financial stress & you can’t afford your mortgage payments
  • your tenant isn’t paying rent
  • you think you’ll miss out on a deal







(Click image above to see a sample of our 3-D Virtual Tour & Walk Through)


  • Limits on the amount of people allowed in a property at any given time as per government guidelines. If you've been showing any COVID-19 symptoms, it's your obligation to avoid any contact with another person and self-isolate for 14 days, as well as seek medical attention ASAP. You must be cleared by medical staff if you've travelled outside of Ontario in the last 14 days.


  • Prior to any visits or showings, ensure that you've taken the necessary precautions instructed by health officials. Mandatory face masks and gloves for all showings / property visits when absolutely necessary, & maintainig a minimum of 6ft distance between all parties when in-person showings are absolutely necessary, no exceptions.


  • All our listings will receive the full package, which includes our famous single property websites featuring floor plans with detailed dimentions, 3-D virtual tours & digital walk-throughs (click the link to see a sample for our listing at 76 Silver Fox Place), HD Video, Neighbourhood Map & information on Amenities, Electronic Signatures using our easy-to-use software to help minimize the necessity for in-person showings.  We need to ensure the safety of our community by doing our diligence in regards to social distancing. If you have a family member or friend that has contracted COVID-19, it is an obligation to the well-being of society that you engage in online/virtual showings & electronic signatures.


  • Absolutely No Open-Houses until further notice.


  • The government has issued “vulnerable populations”, if you believe to be apart of this “population” it is in your best interest engage "virtual" showings or have someone else conduct the showing/visit on your behalf.


If you have any questions on how this epidemic has affected the local real estate market or need to strategize and start implementing the right strategy for you, please don't hesitate reaching out to us right away at 416-274-2675 or contact us by email.


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